At Echuca Primary School we maintain a strong focus and high importance on attendance and the potential effects of absenteeism.

Students with poor attendance often struggle at school and the value they receive from their education is greatly diminished as a result. Whilst it is understood that there are those unavoidable circumstances that arise preventing children from attending school, we still believe a high year of attendance is achievable. If a child through their education experiences 15 days of absence a year – this equates to one full year of education lost over the course of primary and secondary education.

If your child misses the basic skills in primary school they can experience difficulty with their learning. Regular attendance is essential to make sure learning is not disrupted and provides building blocks for the future.

Schools help children to develop important social skills, such as friendship building, teamwork, communication skills, and a healthy self-esteem.

All students are expected to be in class by 8.45am. Parents are required to sign late students in at the office.


Parents are required to supply a written explanation for every absence of a child. While parents may also choose to phone the school on the day to notify absence of their child – the written explanation including essential information about the reasons for absence is still required. This is for legal accountability. Forms are available at the office for your convenience or can be completed via the school app.

Leaving School during School Hours

If you wish for your child to leave the school for any reason it is necessary to provide a note to the Classroom teacher. The Sign In/Out Book at the Schools Office must be signed before collecting or returning your child.

If your child is late to school they must be entered into the Sign In/Out Book at the Office prior to being taken to their Grade.

No child may leave the school ground during school hours unless accompanied by a parent or an adult nominated by a parent, or with the Principal’s or Assistant Principal’s approval.

When School is Out

Staff exercise a great deal of care when supervising children leaving the school grounds. Teachers supervise the gate areas from 3.20 – 3.35pm when all children should have left to walk home or be collected by parents. After this time supervision is no longer available and any child who has not gone home will be brought to the Schools Office. It is expected that children are collected as close to 3.20pm as possible.

To assist with the safety of all children in the vicinity of the school, please give particular attention to where you park, how children alight from cars and come to meet you.

Please encourage your child to cross the road at designated crossings when they are moving to your vehicle.

Parent Permission

Parents can expect to be notified in writing in advance of any proposed excursion or extra curriculum activity, and should understand that no child can be taken on an excursion requiring any form of transport (by bus, boat, car etc.) unless written permission and authority to take emergency action in case of illness or accident is received from the child’s parent/guardian.

These forms are sent home for you to complete and return to school. A prompt return is appreciated. Because telephone permission is not sufficient from a legal standpoint, children cannot be permitted to participate without signed permission forms.