Koorie Engagement


Paul Clarke

Koorie Enagagement Officer
Echuca Primary School

Koorie Engagement Support Officer

Koorie Engagement Support Officer (KESO) is a professional role that is responsible for delivering support and services to Koorie children and their families through their regions and replaces the past Koorie Educators, Koorie Education Development Officers, Koorie Early Childhood Field Officers, and Home School Liaison Officer positions.

The role includes:


Coordinate and be accountable for implementation of targeted educational programs as part of the Wannik Education Strategy and early childhood initiatives for Koorie children and young people.

Supporting children

Provide expert advice to school communities and kindergartens about models of effective support for Koorie children and young people.

Working strategically

Interpret and analyse data to inform and provide authoritative strategic advice to regional and central management, school networks, local government and individual kindergartens and schools on the implementation of the Wannik strategy.


Provide leadership and support within the Koorie Support Team and contribute to the delivery of Regional Koorie Support Services, strategies and initiative.


Develop and implement targeted and effective professional development pathways for Kindergarten, School, Regional and Community Agency Personnel.

Focus on the needs of Koorie children & students

  • In partnership with the regional leadership group: provide leadership, guidance and, where necessary, direction to members of a Koorie Student Support Team manage the provision of support mechanisms, programs and initiatives aimed at improving attendance (e.g.: It’s Deadly & Cool to be at School), participation in educational programs and improved educational outcomes for Koorie children and young people implement strategies to increase the engagement of Koorie families in their child’s learning.
  • Liaise with schools and regional officers to identify and access support mechanisms for Koorie students.
  • Liaise with other government departments and community agencies to promote positive early childhood, school and community partnerships and the development of collaborative initiatives aimed at improving outcomes for Koorie children and young people.


Manage the development of early childhood and school improvement strategies for Koorie children and young children.

Learning focus

Advise school staff in respect to the education of Koorie children and young people and the whole Koorie Community.