School First Aid

Teachers at Echuca Primary attend annual training for First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma. A First Aid Officer is on duty at morning recess and lunch times to attend to any injury or illness. If your child does become ill or suffers an injury during school time, you or your emergency contact will be contacted via telephone. In some cases it will be necessary to collect your child from school.

In the case of an accident parents may be contacted to seek instruction or second opinion at the attending staff member’s discretion. In serious situations an ambulance may be called. Ambulance membership is at individual family’s discretion however this will not effect the schools decision to call an ambulance if deemed necessary.

Head Lice

Head lice are a problem in every school and all children are susceptible to them. It is NOT a cleanliness issue. Should you find infestation the school will be able to inform you of the period of absence required. Please treat with the appropriate solution and be sure to also remove the lice eggs. Report to the class teacher that you have treated your child as this warns us of possible outbreaks. Thorough attention needs also to be given to bed linen and bedroom areas. The school is not responsible for checking for head lice. Notes are sent home once the school has been notified that a child has head lice in the classroom.

Medication at School

Children are not permitted to keep medication in their possession to self-administer unless it is asthma medication which they have been trained to use correctly.

Written permission for office staff to administer medication must be provided by completing the form available at the office. All medication must be taken to the office.

The school requires medical plans for students with Asthma and Allergic/Anaphylaxis reactions. These need to be completed and signed by a medical practitioner and kept up to date yearly. These are necessary to participate on all school camps.

Emergency Details

Emergency details are kept on file for each child in the school and children will only be permitted to leave the school with parents or any of their designated emergency contacts.

The emergency contact enables access in case of illness or accident. Parents are asked to advise the school without delay of any changes required to enable prompt contact at any time.