Specialist Subjects


Physical Education

Physical Education encourages students to explore their environments in the context of movement. The program focuses on health and fitness, performance, challenge and striving for improvement. Children are supported to work both independently and in teams. Key skills are developed through Athletics, Ball Handling, Gymnastics, Swimming and Fundamental Motor Skills. The program provides opportunities for students to be introduced to a number of sports which can then be taken to interschool competition and possibly State level. All students are encouraged to develop and further their talents through links into the community programs.

Science & Technology

The area of Science and Technology will enable the children to explore the world around them by observing, and describing, phenomena, designing and conducting experiments. The areas of; Biological, Chemical, Earth and Space and Physical Science will be covered and the children will design and build working models and systems that meet a range of requirements. Students investigate products and simple technological systems understanding how these meet our everyday needs. Children develop and use general and specific science technology language whilst learning to develop evaluation criteria that they can use to make decisions and assess their design ideas.

The Arts – Incorporating Visual Arts & Performing Arts

The Arts at Echuca Primary School include Visual Arts and Performing Arts disciplines. Students explore ways of using arts elements, skills and techniques to express their feelings and imagination. They experiment with various ways of presenting works in a range of art forms and begin to evaluate and refine their work in response to feedback. Students use appropriate art language to describe their own and other work and identify specific elements, principles, skills or key features of works and performances.


The Library is fully computerised and houses a wide variety of resources to support teachers and programs running throughout the school. Students have the opportunity to visit the Library on a weekly basis with their class and during some lunch-times. A trained Library Technician maintains our resources, selects appropriate reading materials and promotes literacy across the school.