Student Action Team


Student Action Team (SAT)

The role of the Student Action Team (SAT) is to provide Grade 6 students with a voice and the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and initiatives within the 208 Community. The SAT works in conjunction with one or two members of staff who assist them in formulating their ideas and putting these into practice.

Students are invited to submit a formal letter to be part of the team.

Students benefit from this role in a number of ways including the development of leadership skills, a better understanding of responsibility and organisation, greater connectedness to school and the formulation of meaningful relationships within the team, with staff and fellow students.

SAT organised activities include:

  • School discos
  • Harmony Day activities
  • Casual dress days promoting charity events
  • Lunchtime fun activities such as board games, zumba, dance, free drawing and down ball competitions
  • ‘208’s Got Talent’ variety competition
  • Easter and Christmas colouring/model-making competitions
  • Healthy Breakfasts
  • Review and recommendations of the Student Attitude to School Survey
  • Footy Colours Day parade and skill-based activities
  • Canteen Support
  • One & All Inclusion Day
  • ANZAC Services