Digital Technologies

At Echuca Primary School we see Digital Technologies as part of the learning experience, not the technology itself. Students must see ethos embedded in the classroom, a classroom that meets the demands of an increasingly globalised and interconnected world in the 21st century.

Technology is an integral part of Teaching and Learning at Echuca Primary School. The school has iPads in the P-2 Area, providing enough devices for 1 between 3, giving students access to technology through the use of popular and researched educational Applications.


To maintain a one to one device for students in years 3-6, the school runs a Bring Your Own iPad (BYOI) Program.

Students at Echuca Primary School are required to bring their own iPad to school ensuring digital technology is at their fingertips.


iPads can be a powerful and effective teaching tool. It does need to be used wisely in the classroom setting with curriculum in mind. It is a tool that will help the school deliver its eLearning vision:

“Echuca Primary School community will make collaborative choices about how they use Digital Technologies to learn, teach, problem solve and achieve goals anywhere, anytime by embedding technology across the curriculum to achieve maximum impact.”


Echuca Primary School is implementing a School Management System. This system is Compass and can be accessed via a Smartphone App or via your Web Browser. As a parent you will have access to the parent portal which will enable you to do the following:

* View up-to-date class and school attendance
* View and comment on Learning Tasks that have been set by the classroom teacher * Access your child’s Student Semester Reports
* Receive information about upcoming events at the school
* View calendar information on what’s happening in your child’s year level.

As Compass evolves within the school, many more features will be available to you. We will provide information when these features become available.

Accessing Compass

Compass is a web-based system that is accessible on any modern web browser or by using
the “Compass School Manager” app available for iOS or Android and search for Echuca Primary School. To access the Parent Portal via the web click here