Victorian Curriculum



At Echuca Primary School we are constantly striving to plan and deliver a curriculum that will be beneficial to student learning. Our school provides a sequentially developed program, which follows the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development guidelines as set out in the new Victorian Curriculum.

The School is committed to a whole school assessment schedule which begins after the first four weeks of school. During these 4 weeks, we focus on relationship building and developing routine.

The Victorian Curriculum incorporates the Australian Curriculum & reflects Victorian priorities and standards. It describes what is essential for all students to achieve at various stages of their schooling.

The learning areas provide content capabilities for planning the whole school curriculum and sets out content descriptions for students to achieve in core areas. Schools will use these descriptors to plan their teaching and learning programs, including assessment and reporting of student achievement and progress.

Generally, all subjects are incorporated across the units of work planned by teachers over the course of the whole year. They may not all be covered in any one term or even half-year but should be covered over the course of the year.

The Victorian Curriculum is designed to support teachers in providing an integrated curriculum. This means teachers can combine various subjects to provide a meaningful learning program, rather than teaching concepts individually

Digital technologies are integrated into each classroom, with the aim of ensuring that students acquire skills with computers and the use of multi-media technology. All classrooms have an interactive whiteboard and all Grade 3 to 6 students use a BYO iPad.

Parent Teacher interviews are conducted twice a year in February and June. The February interview is for the teachers to gain knowledge about your child, so they know how to best cater for your child’s needs. In June the teachers will be reporting on your child’s progress. Student Reports are sent home twice a year in June and December.

Our Prep students take part in an extensive Statewide assessment program called the English Online Test. Grade 3 and Grade 5 students take part in the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) which is conducted in May of each year.

Teachers are also constantly assessing student’s abilities over the year on an ongoing basis. If you would like to know about your child’s progress at any time of the year, feel free to contact your child’s teacher to make an appointment.

Echuca Primary School takes pride in the Curriculum Program it provides. Teachers review and replan learning tasks based on the needs of individuals. Each student is immersed in 10 hours of Literacy and 5 hours of Numeracy instruction per week.

The following information is an outline of how our Curriculum is structured.

Learning Areas

The Arts
  • Dance
  • Media Arts
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
Health & PE
  • Grade 3 – 6: Civics & Citizenship
  • Grade 5 – 6: Economics & Business
  • Prep – 6: Geography
  • Prep – 6: History


Prep – 3


Science Technologies
  • Prep – 6: Design & Technologies
  • Prep – 6: Digital Technologies



Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Ethical
  • Intellectual
  • Personal & Social